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Unlocking potential in Business, Organisations and Education

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The Problem

Being a leader can feel frustrating and isolating. On average, teams operate at 60% of their potential. They experience inefficiency, high staff turnover and relational drama, or they learn to settle for communication that is limited or strained.

The Solution

Partner with Salmon Swimming to build a winning strategy: Get clear on your vision and goals, and how to implement the next steps to achieve them. Let us help you build healthy culture: greater relational cohesion, better communication and team productivity heading towards 100%

How Salmon Swimming can work for you

In the past, coaching would look like a day conference full of presentations and note-taking. It would give people a day out of the office, but wouldn’t really lead to lasting change. With the help of our partner, GiANT, we are embracing the 21st Century, which bases people development around common language, visual tools and collaboration. Through regular, data-based input designed and delivered personally by our consultants, you will achieve the changes you long to see.
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The 5 Voices personality System instantly improves communication

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Unlocking potential in Business, Organisations and Education

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“As a start-up, training can take a back seat but the investment has paid off. My business is steaming ahead because we have partnered with Salmon Swimming.”
Harriette Foulkes-Arnold,
The Contented Agency
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Frequently Asked Questions

The 5 Voices is a Personality System that is based on the science of Myers Briggs, but utilises 5 key words that are instantly accessible and memorable.  We prefer this system because it is simple enough to be put to immediate use within an organisation, but in-depth enough to offer continual insights to deepen self-awareness and impact.

Yes it is. We can help to bridge the gap between what you have experienced before, and the 5 Voices. Please discuss this with us!

GiANT are our online platform and content provider.  Through partnering with them, we can bring you the most up-to-date methods, tools and interactive coaching platform in the world

We combine our consultancy with an online leadership platform through our partner, GiANT. This means that each of your team members enjoy 24/7 access to leadership resources and courses, which complement team sessions and leader coaching.

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