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We believe in thriving, not just surviving. This starts with self-awareness. It means bringing your whole self to the table.  No hiding.  No fear.  It means being emotionally and mentally  present at work and at home.


Most people want to lead well. But the daily demands of leadership can mean we are often reacting and fire-fighting. Our coaching tools are like mirrors which help us to identify our tendencies, and intentionally choose how to move forward, rather than drifting along with the prevailing current.


The saying is true: Go fast, go alone.  Go far, go together.  The 5 Voices unlocks teamwork so you can make collaborative, long-lasting and more productive progress.

Meet Laura and James

James and Laura live in Cheltenham with their two sons and two rabbits named Leia and Rey. They are very much involved in their local community, and in partnering with Salmon Swimming you will also be supporting their work with students and young leaders from low income backgrounds.
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Laura Mears

Laura studied PPE at Oxford University, and has spent seventeen years as a teacher, coach, speaker and author.  She has vast experience in successfully leading teams, coaching leaders, and is qualified in delivering the 5 Voices system. 

“Laura manages to get across a message in a compelling, memorable and easy to understand way. Her skill is her ability to take complexity and distil it to a core message. When you couple this with her natural warmth and empathy, you get dynamite in the training room.”

Coach, Author, Speaker – Blue Caterpillar

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James Mears

James is a business studies teacher, personality coach and mentor.  He is a qualified Myers Briggs practitioner with expertise and experience in how to create high performing teams and develop healthy leaders. 

“After two years of working with James, I now consider leadership investment to be essential. James knows the right questions to ask and the right areas to focus on, to keep me improving and taking ground.”

Founder of ‘The Armoury’ Gym

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