Salmon give their all to travel upstream, so they can multiply. They are intentional about raising up the next generation.

Raise up your leaders

Our desire is that we will do ourselves out of a job! We would plan to work with you closely for 6-18 months, at which point, in many cases, we can leave you with an organically-grown “Catalyst” from within your organisation, who can run Invincible teams from within.

Catalysts are the people within your organisation who have always been highly engaged. We have a proven system to multiply their health, which includes offering certifications in coaching and content delivery.

5 Voices Certified

Catalysts are certified in the most powerful psychometric in the world.

100X Certified

Catalysts are certified in the 100X philosophy of health and multiplication.

Invincible OS Certified

Catalysts will be certified to implement the invincible OS within your organisation.

Leader Coaching Training

Catalysts are trained to be leader coaches for your team leaders

Team Exercise Training

Catalysts are trained to perform team exercises to improve performance

Assessment Training

Catalysts are trained to assess the current reality of your people and teams

Annual Reviews

Catalysts are trained to perform annual reviews for all your employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Through our ‘Invincible’ data system, we can track progress through an 80-question assessment which we run quarterly. This shows clearly where gains have been made in the 5 key areas: communication, relationships, alignment, execution and capacity.
Yes. Please click here to fill out the assessment and request a 5 Voices Bootcamp from us!

We combine our consultancy with an online leadership platform through our partner, GiANT. This means that each of your team members enjoys 24/7 access to leadership resources and courses, which complement team sessions and leader coaching.