Getting Started (Ascend)

There comes a time in the life of a Salmon, when survival is no longer the goal. They head upstream, setting their eyes on fruitfulness and flourishing

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If you would like to experience how we bring liberation, why not book one of our taster sessions, or a half-day of input on a topic of your choice?

5 Voices Introduction

The FREE 5 Voices Introductory Session (bootcamp!) will demonstrate what our combination of consultancy, data and tools has to offer. On a video call with us, we will guide you through the eye-opening insights of the 5 Voices personality system, along with observations based on your team member’s actual data. This will have an instant impact on performance. Feed-back from these sessions has been really positive.  We would love you to see for yourself. 

5 Gears Session

The 5 Gears is a Time Management Tool that helps your people to be present and productive.  It will:

  • Help to improve your People’s Mental Health as they dial up self-support and learn to work from rest
  • Encourage productivity and efficiency as your people learn to ‘Stay in Gear’
  • Help to create a healthier atmosphere in the workplace
"5 Voices was the key that helped us unlock each person's full potential on our team. It really has been transforming for our entire organisation. If you desire a more cohesive and productive team with better communication, then take them through this."
President Dahl Automotive
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Frequently Asked Questions

Through our ‘Invincible’ data system, we can track progress through an 80-question assessment which we run quarterly. This shows clearly where gains have been made in the 5 key areas: communication, relationships, alignment, execution and capacity.
Yes. Please click here to fill out the assessment and request a 5 Voices Bootcamp from us!
We combine our consultancy with an online leadership platform through our partner, GiANT. This means that each of your team members enjoy 24/7 access to leadership resources and courses, which complement team sessions and leader coaching.