Regular Development (Invincible)

Salmon swim together, using their combined energy to navigate the twists and turns of the river. Their teamwork makes them invincible.


A regular programme of development combines personal consultancy with a world class technology product that allows rapid growth through a combination of Team Sessions, 1:1 Coaching, and independent leadership study through our 24/7 online platform.

This is an example of what regular input could look like. There are a number of other regular options available.
Salmon Swimming Yearly Cycle Diagram

5 Voices Session

We would love to offer you a complimentary 5 Voices “Bootcamp” or introductory session which would get you started and fire you up about the effectiveness of the 5 Voices.

Team Session

Once a month we will deliver game-changing content to your team, online or in person.

Leader Coaching

The Team Leader will receive a 1:1 coaching session per month.  Other 1:1 sessions can also be arranged by appointment.

Individual Study

Through our online platform (powered by GiANT), we will set weekly leadership training for your people.  This can be completed anytime, anywhere, at their leisure.

Invincible Assessment

We have discovered the five key areas that indicate the health and performance of a team or organisation. They are: communication, relationships, alignment, execution and capacity. Google’s own Aristotle Research Initiative supports the effectiveness of our Assessment.

Teams will be assessed on each of these metrics every 3 months.  This allows us to track progress, and focus Team Sessions on the areas that most need improvement.

People Summit

Once a year we can gather your whole organisation for a keynote, progress review and celebration of your leadership journey.

“Salmon Swimming is helping us to get the best out of each member and to work well as a team. I wish I had had this sort of training a long time ago”
Richard Coombs
Church Pastor, Cheltenham
Salmon fish drawing

Frequently Asked Questions

Through our ‘Invincible’ data system, we can track progress through an 80-question assessment which we run quarterly. This shows clearly where gains have been made in the 5 key areas: communication, relationships, alignment, execution and capacity.
Yes. Please click here to fill out the assessment and request a 5 Voices Bootcamp from us!
We combine our consultancy with an online leadership platform through our partner, GiANT. This means that each of your team members enjoy 24/7 access to leadership resources and courses, which complement team sessions and leader coaching.