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Know yourself, lead yourself

Know yourself to lead yourself

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Self-awareness is central to becoming a leader worth following. Leadership development starts with knowing yourself so that you can lead yourself. This means recognising our tendencies, which don’t change.

Through intentionally working on these insights, you can change your reality. This might mean bringing liberation to your family, having more clarity in your communication, or growing influence with those you lead.

1:1 Coaching

We offer 1:1 sessions online or in person, where we partner with you to work through a problem, or make progress towards a goal. With the use of tools and personality insights, we will empower you to embrace self-awareness, enabling you to accelerate your growth as a leader.
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Salmon Swimming Coaching Pathway

Core Groups & Coaching Clubs

Included in our coaching package is a monthly core group session. This will give you the opportunity to meet other members of the Salmon Swimming community. Through breakout rooms you can process the content and make friends with people who speak the same language and can swim upstream together! Periodically we run coaching clubs where you can go on a journey with other upstreamers. These happen in January and at other times in the year (watch this space!) They typically follow a three-session programme of weekly input.
"Their work is transformational; they open up opportunities for honest self-reflection, helping individuals and groups to break unhelpful habits, form new and healthier patterns of communication and ultimately to achieve their goals and flourish."
Emma Taylor
C.E.O. Dean Close Foundation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, we meet for 1 hour a month in person, or online. We look at some content (a tool/s), process its impact in your leadership context, and set and review your goals.

Apart from the monthly 1:1 coaching slot, you will be encouraged to commit to some weekly input from the GiANT platform. This is typically ten to thirty minutes, based on expectations that you establish at the beginning of your coaching journey.
You will be kept accountable on your goals, and be equipped with the tools and self-awareness you need to achieve them.
“Salmon Swimming is an absolute game changer in life, relationships and leadership, both at work and at home. As a stay at home mum, the tools and insight learnt here have made radical and tangible differences in both my marriage and parenting. I wish I had known it all 15 years ago when I was working as a teacher! You walk away from each session feeling so much more equipped for life with very practical skills to put into use immediately. Thank you Salmon Swimming!”
Beth Hutton